About Barbara


Barbara MacLeod, MS, LPC, CAC, has been counseling in a private practice in Scranton Pennsylvania for twenty-six years. Barbara received BA’s in English and Fine Arts from Rutgers University. She received her MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Scranton.

Barbara is a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Board Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC),Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (ICAD), Board Certified Certificate of Competency in Problem Gambling. She has also trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) levels I and II, which she uses in her practice to help clients deal with trauma. Barbara belongs to the following associations: *ACA, PCA, NAADAC, ICRC, ASGW, AGPA, and EMDRIA.

Barbara’s philosophy is to utilize multiple modes of therapies while working with each individual client. Some types of therapies she has studied an uses in her practice are the following: cognitive, behavioral, experiential, gestalt, rational emotive, reality, structural, family, person centered, here and now, art, music, play, imago, trans-actual analysis, EMDR, mindfulness, psychodrama, psychoanalytic, interpersonal psychotherapy, psycho educational, and many types of addiction and group therapy models (including a training in couples group therapy), etc.

Barbara, in keeping with her philosophy of working with the client as an individual, has always been committed to continuously studying and learning about multiple issues and problems that may effect her clients. Following are some of the main areas she has trained in: marriage and family, codependency, addictions (alcohol, drug, gambling, work, sex, food, etc.), family intervention, relationship issues and skills, parenting skills, anxiety, depression, psychiatric disorders, pharmacology, pain management, eating disorders, sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD, HIV, sexual issues and concerns, sexuality issues, grief, divorce, anger, anger management, violence, assertiveness training etc.

Barbara has trained with many professionals in her field. Some of them are as follows: Virginia Satir (a ten day and two day intensives on family therapy for dysfunctional and alcoholic families), John Bradshaw, Earnie Larsen, Patrick Carnes, Harville Hendrix, Mellody Beatie, Pia Melody, Rokelle Lerner, Claudia Black, Sharon W. Cruise, Ann Smith, Terry Gorski, Thom Rutledge, Robert Ackerman, Tian Dayton, Charles Whitfield, John Gray, Pat Love, Brenda, Schaffer, Janice Abrams Spring, Carolyn Costin, Mark Gold, Judy Hollis, Besser Van Der Kolk, Francine Shapiro, Deborah Korn, Laurie Parnell, Wayne Dyer, Bernie Siegle, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukov, Albert Ellis, Peggy Papp, Cloe Mandanes, Carl Whitaker, William Glasser and many more. Barbara has also trained with several different institutions which include Caron Foundation (where she co-facilitated one of their five-day inpatient codependency programs), NAADC conferences, Cape Cod Institute, Ben Franklin Institute, Institute for Integral Development, US Journal Conferences, Omega Institute, and three HIV trainings with the State of Pennsylvania, etc..Barbara also worked at Scranton Temple Residency Program, HIV Clinic, counseling HIV patients for two years.

Barbara became a therapist because she has experienced her own issues, and problems, and feels committed to helping others not to have to face their difficulties alone. She treats everyone as an individual and uses many different skills and therapies with each client to help them reach their goals. Although she does a great deal of individual, couples, and family therapy, Barbara has a special interest in group therapy. She believes many of the clients move along faster due to the ability to see themselves in others and become clearer about their process and their goals. Barbara has worked with her group co-facilitator, Phyllis Vergnetti Rempe, for twenty-five years.