Barbara and Phyllis conduct various self help workshops throughout the year.


Workshops include:


Inner Child — Helps you to get in touch with your inner child. This awareness helps you process your childhood pain as well as become clearer about your negative patterns and beliefs. It also gives you the tools to re-parent yourself, helping your inner child get the nurturing and attention they deserve.
(Lunch and Dinner included)

Please bring a childhood picture and a stuffed animal of your choice!
Download the Inner Child Flyer (Must have Adobe Acrobat Reader Installed)

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Upcoming Dates

Workshop: Dates: Cost:
Inner Child* May 4th – 5th  2024 $295.00 (Includes a non-refundable $25.00 deposit)

* Barbara MacLeod and Phyllis Rempe will be performing this workshop.

SHAME — Allows you to explore and examine the debilitating power of Toxic Shame and learn how to release and transform negative feeling and belief systems

BOUNDARIES — Educates you on the different types of boundaries. It teaches you how to determine, express, maintain, and reinforce your personal boundaries as an essential part of any healthy relationship.

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